Do you need detail application discovery for Oracle cloud migration?

Many of you must be wondering why we need a detailed discovery process for Oracle cloud migration. Why not just do a Proof of Concept (POC) for the target application to assess feasibility of Oracle cloud migration and iron out migration issues along the way. Based on my experience, POC for Oracle cloud migration will only work for one or two applications, this approach will not work if you are looking to migrate a group of applications. Additionally, POC will require more upfront cost and resources versus application discovery process. Finally, it will take longer to discover if target application is a good fit for Oracle public cloud through POC versus application discovery process.

I cannot overstate the importance of performing detail application discovery for Oracle cloud migration.  Application discovery is crucial to migrate all the applications, but level of detail can vary based on criticality of the application. There are many critical phases of Oracle cloud migration like provisioning, testing and migration, which will depend on detailed application discovery process. For example, you will not be able to provision Oracle cloud environment if you have not collected hardware and network information for the target application. Secondly, you will not able to identify any road blocks to the migration beforehand and that can lead to a waste of capital or even failed migration project.