EXADATA SL6 – Exadata with SPARC Processers

Oracle now offer Exadata with SPARC M7 with all the benefits of Exadata combined with Ultra-Fast SPARC Processors running on Linux. This is a good news for professionals or organizations, who prefers Linux Operating Systems. I hope Oracle will continue to expand this offering and extend this offer with other hardware and engineered systems.

This new addition to Exadata family is called SL6 (SPARC Linux), it nearly identical to existing Exadata machine except it uses Oracle SPARC T7-2 Database servers. Even though the database servers are based on SPARC processors, Exadata SL6 runs the exact same Linux Operating System as x86-based Exadata systems.

As some you already know that SPARC is not just a processor, it is the world’s most advanced processor to run Oracle databases, and uses a revolutionary technology called Software in Silicon. Software in Silicon technology enable databases to run faster with unprecedented security and reliability using three very unique technologies.

  1. SQL in Silicon : Incorporates 32 on-chip Data Analytics Accelerator (DAX) engines that are specifically designed to speed up analytic queries
  2. Capacity in Silicon : uses accelerators to offload in-memory query processing and perform real-time data decompression
  3. Security in Silicon : is a function of SPARC M7 continuously perform validity checks on every memory reference made by the processor without incurring performance overhead 

Exadata SL6 running with 32 core at 4.1 GHz will let you to run bigger workload with smaller configuration, saving you money on software licensing  and maintenance costs. Additionally, As per Oracle “Exadata SL6 also delivers 20-30% more IOs than an equivalent Exadata X6-2 configuration and hence further lowers the total cost of ownership of the solution”