Gathering Important Application Information for Oracle Cloud Migration

Many organizations are looking into migrating their applications to Oracle cloud and with time their numbers are only going to be increased. There are many ways to migrate your application to Oracle cloud, but they all have one common important phase called application discovery. Application discovery is a process where you collect in-depth information about your source environment for a purpose of Cloud migration. There is a lot already published about public cloud migrations, but very little information is available about application discovery process. Cloud application discovery process is one of the most important initial phases for any cloud migration. This phase will not only help you see if your application is a good fit for public cloud, it will also help you reduce road blocks and technical issues during the actual migration. If you have a complete detailed discovery of your application before the migration, it will also help you plan migration project and reduce post migration issues. 

General Application Questions: –

Here are some sample questions that you can ask during your initial contact with application team.   

  1. What is the name & version of the application?
  2. Who are the IT owners of target application?
  3. What type of database and version used by this application?
  4. Who is the technical subject matter expert for this application?
  5. Is this a vendor or in-house build application?
  6. Does this application use or mange compliance data like PCI or HIPPA?
  7. Can you provide us any architectural documents for this application?
  8. Does this application have a DR or load balance solution built-in?
  9. Is there a middleware component to this application (WebLogic or WebSphere)?  
  10. Who are the business users and owner of this application?           

It’s important to provide background to the target audience like explaining reason for this contact. This initial contact can lead to very important feedback like “This application is already retired” or “This application can never move to cloud for ABC reasons”. Ideally, you will use collected information and architectural documents to get ready for the deep dive into the upcoming discovery steps.

Detail Application Questions: –

Here are examples of some details that you can gather for each section of your detail application discovery phase:

  • Application components:
    • Is there a middle component of application? If yes, detail.
    • Is there a DR for this application? If yes, detail.
    • Is there a Load balance component to this application?  If yes, detail.
  • Application dependency:
    • Is there a dependency with other applications? If yes, detail.
    • Is this an internal or customer facing application?  
    • Is this application part of group maintenance window? If yes, detail.
  • Networking Detail:
    • Is this application sensitive to network bandwidth? Large data transfer?
    • What are Firewall rules needed for this application?
    • Is there any large amount of data transfer happening to or from the application?
  • Database information:
    • What type of database/version is used by the application?
    • What is the size and growth rate of application database?
    • What is the RPO/RTO for the database?  
  • Application Support:
    • Is this a vendor application with support contract in-place? If yes, detail
    • Who is supporting this application? what are their names? 
    • Is this application certified to run from Oracle public cloud? 
  • Storage Detail:
    • How much total storage is used by target application?
    • What type of storage used by target application? NFS, Flash, SAN
    • Is IOP/s required by this application or database?
  • Hostname information:
    • How many hosts use this application and what are the details?
    • What are the OS types used by target application?
    • Can we upgrade or change underlying operating system if not available in Oracle Cloud?
  • Risks / Issues:
    • Is there a compliance requirement for this application?
    • Do you need to re-architect or make code changes for Cloud migration?
    • Is there a risk to migrate application from physical to virtual hosts?