Hardware Profiling for Oracle Cloud Migration

Hardware & network profiling is another important phase of application discovery process regardless of end goal, which can be used for public cloud migration or data center migration. It includes capturing statistics about hardware usage like CPU utilization, memory usage, network bandwidth, data transfer and IOPS.  Capturing hardware statistics are important since it will be used for capacity planning and provisioning hardware resources to Oracle public cloud for target application. Any miscalculation on this part can lead to under provisioning of hardware resources in Oracle Public cloud which can cause the application to perform poorly after migration.

Oracle Enterprise Manager

Hardware statistics can be gathered using many methods depending on the operating systems and existing monitoring tools. Many organizations have already deployed robust monitoring and alerting tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager, OS watcher to monitor their systems. You should be able to gather most of the required information from existing reports and logs. Additionally, you can also install user define shell or Oracle PL/SQL scripts to gather rest of the information. One also should not ignore the importance of firewall, gathering network traffic and firewall information as they are crucial in developing a secured network in Oracle cloud environment.