Latest Exadata releases and updates

Last Update Date: 03/24/18

Hello All,

I thought it will be a good idea to create a dynamic block to keep everyone updated to Oracle Exadata releases, patches, and news.  I will try my best to update following table.


Product Version Comments
Exadata Machine X7
Latest Bundle Patch Jan 2018 – Patch 27011122
Latest OEDA Utility v180216 – Patch 27465661
Database server bare metal Patch 27391002
Database server dom0 ULN Patch 27391003
Storage server software Patch 27347059
InfiniBand switch software 2.2.7-1 Patch 27347059
Latest Grid Infrastructure Rel, Ver
Latest Database Rel, Ver
Latest Disk drives 1.2TB HP , 4TB HC
Latest Opatch Utility Patch 6880880
Latest Exachk Version
DB Server patch Utility 5.180120