Monitor Oracle Cloud Databases Using DBaaS Monitor

Oracle DBaaS Monitor provides monitoring and management of the Oracle database and listener on Oracle Database Cloud Service. It is not to say that DBaaS Monitor is as good as Oracle OEM but still it does a great job monitoring databases and Compute nodes. Additionally , it also provide some management capabilities. Please see below complete list of DBaaS capabilities and how to access it.

Database Monitoring Capabilities:

  • Tablespace usage and storage information
  • Database Listener Information and status
  • The alert log, with log searching capabilities
  • Open user sessions information like last SQL statement, explain plan, waits, contention, etc
  • A list of initialization parameters, with the ability to change parameter values, both in memory and in the SPFILE.
  • Database Backup Information
  • Database waits information, with log searching capabilities

Compute Node Monitoring Capabilities:

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory Usage information
  • Storage Information
  • OS process information

Management Capabilities:

  • Start up and shut down the database instance
  • Open and close a pluggable database
  • Create and drop a pluggable database
  • Plug in and unplug a pluggable database
  • Clone a pluggable database
  • Start and stop the listener

How to Access DbaaS Monitor:  

  1. Make Sure httpssl port (443) has been unblocked

  1. Open the Oracle Database Cloud Service

  1. Select Open DBaaS Monitor Console.



  1. Enter dbaas_monitor as the user name and the password specified during the database deployment creation process.