Oracle Big Data Cloud: An Open, Simple and Secure Solution

I would like to use this blog to point out some key differentiators for Oracle Big Data Cloud offering. Oracle’s Big Data Cloud is designed for the enterprises using open source technologies like Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop. It utilizes Oracle’s Infrastructure Cloud Services to deliver a managed, secure, elastic and integrated platform for all Big Data Workloads.


Oracle Big Data Cloud offering is designed with multiple open source components, and this makes it an ideal big data platform for companies who are looking to adopt open source technologies. This offering provides the customer a choice of opening source Big Data technology with unlimited scalability and highly available platform. Oracle Big Data Cloud is integrated with Oracle’s IaaS and PaaS solutions, giving you an opportunity to spend your resources and time developing new technologies versus wasting time setting up the environment to analyze the data.


Oracle Big Data Cloud offers a simple but robust solution to Big Data customers. You can spin up a new Apache Hadoop or Apache Spark Cluster or an entire Big Data Analytics stack in minutes. Similarly, you can scale up or down manually or automatically based on KPI based policies. You can also launch as many clusters as you need to analyze the data. Oracle Big data cloud also offers Centralized Identity and Access management through Identity Cloud Service. Finally, Oracle Big Data Cloud support elasticity at three levels of solution, for example:

• Cluster Elasticity: Scale out/in, up/ down based on workload needs.

• Storage Elasticity: Scale the storage tier independently from the compute tier

• Compute Elasticity: Choose from a variety of compute shapes depending on the workload


 As per Oracle, Oracle Big Data Cloud is integrated within the Oracle Identity Cloud Service to provide centralized way of enabling user-access to the service and robust auditing of user access. Kerberized clusters are integrated with Oracle’s central Identity Store to provide strong authentication to all the cluster’s services. Oracle Big Data Cloud protects data-in-motion and data-at-rest through encryption. All service lifecycle as well as service consumption REST calls to the service are also protected through HTTPS. Software-defined Networking enables the customers of Oracle Big Data Cloud to have fine grained control over the network security. Customers are able to define VPN, control which ports get exposed as well as white-list IPs through self-service.