Overview of Application Discovery process for Oracle Cloud migration

Many organizations are looking into migrating their applications to Oracle cloud and with time their numbers are only going to be increased. There are many ways to migrate your application to Oracle cloud, but they all have one common important phase called application discovery. Application discovery is a process where you collect in-depth information about your source environment for a purpose of Cloud migration. There is a lot already published about public cloud migrations but very little information is available about application discovery process. Cloud application discovery process is one of the most important initial phases for any cloud migration. This phase will not only help you see if your application is a good fit for public cloud, it will also help you reduce road blocks and technical issues during the actual migration. If you have a complete detailed discovery of your application before the migration, it will also help you plan migration project and reduce post migration issues.   

As mentioned earlier, application discovery process involves gathering detailed information about the target application. This may include conducting interviews with application users & developers, application & data profiling and hardware & network profiling. Application discovery process usually start with interviewing technical and business users to help them understand application functionality, logic and flow of the target application. You can also start application profiling while you are conducting interviews, this process will involve using many techniques and tools to gather application components, dependencies, security, data and compliance information about the target environment. Similarly, you will need to profile existing hardware and network to map out target environments to services and resources available in Oracle public cloud. It’s important to note that Oracle Public cloud is enterprise cloud offering many application components as a platform for services like Load Balancer, DBaaS, GoldenGate, Business intelligence etc. I will recommend that you analyze and compare all your application components to see if you can replace any of your application component with Oracle cloud service to decrease the cost and increase availability. 

It is also important to understand that there are few application discovery tools offered by cloud vendors which can facilitate application discovery process. But we found that those tools were not helpful in many situations since very few customers will let you connect to their production systems using those tools. Keeping that in mind, this article is mostly focused on manual process and steps to complete application discovery process while referencing many Oracle and third-party tools as needed. Additionally, application discovery process is almost the same for any public cloud migration, but this article will focus on Oracle public cloud.