Overview of Oracle MySQL Cloud Service

Oracle is continuously striving to offer best in-class cloud solutions to their customers. Oracle MySQL Cloud Service is another example, how Oracle is the only Enterprise cloud that stands out in town offering all 3 levels (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) of solutions in public cloud. Here are some import take-a-ways about Oracle MySQL Cloud Service.

Time to Market:

Time to market is one of the key features of any cloud service, you can continue going with Oracle MySQL Cloud Service in just few clicks and manage your database deployments easily using superior tools.  Oracle MySQL Cloud Service offers manager tools to manage your database in cloud. For example, MySQL Enterprise Backup enables online hot backups of your databases including support of full, incremental and point-in-time recovery backups.  Oracle MySQL Cloud Service also offer robust monitoring tools like MySQL Enterprise Monitor and MySQL Query Analyzer to continuously monitor your databases and alert you to potential problems. MySQL Workbench provides data modeling, SQL development, and comprehensive visual tools for database architects, developers, and DBAs. Oracle Enterprise Manager monitors MySQL and your entire Oracle environment from a single management console


Scalability has always been a concern for opensource database in comparison to enterprise databases like Oracle. Customers for an open source database were long looking for opensource database offer that can provide availability and scalability of an enterprise database like Oracle with the cost of opensource solution. With Oracle MySQL Cloud Service, you can scale your computer resources as needed, up or down, with Elastic Compute. You will also increase your block storage as needed for your MSQL instance with Elastic storage. Sustain performance and scalability in spite of ever-increasing user, query, and data loads with MySQL Thread Pool. Hence, improve your application uptime with MySQL Replication and MySQL Replication Monitoring.


Based on my experience, support for an open source database is #1 concern for customer. Keeping that in mind, Oracle made support a key component for Oracle MySQL Cloud Service. With Oracle MySQL Cloud Service, you can get MySQL technical support directly from the experts and the engineers developing the MySQL products. They’ll help you to solve your most complex issues 24 hours a day and make the most of your MySQL deployments. You can get a single point of contact for both cloud infrastructure and MySQL issues. You don’t have to waste your valuable time wondering if you’ll find the right person to give you the answers that you need.


Oracle public cloud offer immense security for all its services and Oracle MySQL Cloud Service is no exception. Integrated Oracle public cloud, Oracle MySQL Cloud Service integrates MySQL Enterprise Edition and provides multilayered security when accessing from Oracle Public Cloud to the data stored in MySQL. MySQL Enterprise Audit lets you quickly and seamlessly add policy-based auditing compliance to the existing applications. Additionally, MySQL Enterprise Encryption provides industry-standard functionality to protect your sensitive data throughout its life cycle. Finally, MySQL Enterprise Transparent Data Encryption provides data-at-rest encryption and secure key management for all your security needs.