Database Logging in AWS Redshift

As compare to many cloud warehouse solutions , Redhift provides one the of the best built-in security options. Redshift by default logs connections and user acticities in your database which can help you audit user acitivies in your database as it may be required for complaince reasons.

Amazon Redshift logs information in the following log files:

Connection log — logs authentication attempts, and connections and disconnections.

User log — logs information about changes to database user definitions.

User activity log — logs each query before it is run on the database.

You can query following tables to view about information : 


Note : – To manage disk space, the STL log tables only retain approximately two to five days of log history, depending on log usage and available disk space. If you want to retain the log data, you will need to periodically copy it to other tables or unload it to Amazon S3.