Application Profiling for Oracle Cloud Migration

Application profiling is an important phase for Oracle cloud migration , it’s design to gather in-depth information about the target application. Based on the information that is collected during the initial contacts, you can initiate application profiling phase. Information gathered during this phase can be used for migration planning and provisioning hardware resources for Oracle public cloud. This phase will also help you determine if all the application components are available in Oracle public cloud like load balancer, remote DR solution and storage replication. Depending on the application type, you might need to dig into the application code to see if that can be fork lifted to Oracle public cloud without making any changes, as sometimes application code contains hostnames and IP addresses. Similarly, understanding application logic and data set can be equality import for upcoming migration. If target application ingests or provides huge amount of data to other applications in the organization, this can present as a challenge for migration because of network bandwidth and transfer charges. Additionally, if this application contains PCI or HIPPA compliance related data, this will require more scrutiny and approvals from compliance department.

It’s also important to gather all test scripts for target application. Review test scripts to determine if they can be used during the migration for testing application performance and functionality. If test scripts are not available or are incomplete, this should be marked as a risk for migration to Oracle cloud. Finally, capture application performance statistics for all critical processes and queries so they can be used as baseline for upcoming migration.   

There are many profiling tools available in the market now a days but here is the list some Oracle profiling tools you can use for application and data profiling based on your needs. 

  1. Oracle SQL Developer
  2. Oracle Developer Studio
  3. The NetBeans Profiler 
  4. The HPROF Profiler
  5. The Optimizeit Profiler
  6. The Wily Introscope Profiler
  7. The JProbe Profiler
  8. Oracle SQL Profiler