Configure Exadata Storage Server Email Alerts

It will very important to configure proper monitoring and alerting for your Exadata Machine to decreased risk of a problem not being detected in a timely manner. Oracle recommended best practice to monitor an Oracle Exadata Database Machine is with Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) and the suite of OEM plugins developed for the Oracle Exadata Database Machine.  Please reference My Oracle Support (MOS) Note 1110675.1 for details.

Additionally, Exadata Storage Servers can send alerts via emails. Sending these messages can helps to ensure that a problem is detected and corrected. First use following cellcli command to validate the email configuration by sending a test email:

alter cell validate mail;

The output will be similar to:

Cell slcc09cel01 successfully altered

If the output is not successful, configure a storage server to send email alerts using the following cellcli command (tailored to your environment):

ALTER CELL smtpServer='', -

smtpFromAddr='', -

smtpToAddr='', -

smtpFrom='Exadata cell', -

smtpPort='<port for mail server>', -

smtpUseSSL='TRUE', -

notificationPolicy='critical,warning,clear', -