Create Databases on Exadata Machine using DBCA silent mode

I strongly recommend creating databases on Exadata Machine using DBCA GUI but you can use following DBCA command to create databases if for some reason GUI is not working.

To Create Database 

dbca -silent -createDatabase -templateName General_Purpose.dbc -gdbname mart -sid mart -responseFile NO_VALUE -characterSet AL32UTF8 -sysPassword OraPasswd1 -systemPassword OraPasswd1 -createAsContainerDatabase false -pdbAdminPassword OraPasswd1 -databaseType MULTIPURPOSE -automaticMemoryManagement false -totalMemory 5000 -storageType ASM -diskGroupName DATAC1 -redoLogFileSize 50 -emConfiguration NONE -nodeinfo msplex01dbadm01,msplex01dbadm02,msplex01dbadm03 -ignorePreReqs

To delete database 

dbca -silent -deleteDatabase -sourceDB mart -sysDBAUserName sys -sysDBAPassword OraPasswd1