Oracle Exadata OEM Plug-in support Patch Automation

The Oracle Exadata plug-in provides a consolidated view of the Exadata Database Machine within Oracle Enterprise Manager, including a consolidated view of all the hardware components and their physical location with indications of status. Oracle recently released the latest version of Exadata plug-in which include verity of new features and bug fixes. But the feature which caught my attention was that it supports additional patching features for Exadata entire stack.  Exadata plug-in support following additional patching features to enhance Exadata patching effort:

– A comprehensive overview of the maintenance status and needs.

– Proactive patch recommendations for the quarterly full stack patches.

– Supports auto patch download, ability to patch either in rolling or non-rolling modes.

– Ability to schedule runs.

– Proactive notification of the status updates.

– Granular step-level status tracking with real-time updates.

– Log monitoring and aggregation, supporting the quick filing of support issues with pre-packaged log dumps