OBIEE Performance Tuning With Exadata

Database Level (Exadata)  

  1. Use Partition-Wise Join or Star transformation
  2. Use Partitioning
  3. Collect stats Regularly
  4. Make sure to use Smart Scan (Exadata )
  5. Avoid using view if there are concurrent users
  6. Set Parallel MAX and MIN parameter properly
  7. Set Optimizer Mode properly
  8. Use Histograms Carefully
  9. Use summary tables when needed
  10. Enable result cache
  11. Use Bitmap Indexes
  12. Cache tables ( Exadata )
  13. Don’t restart Database to often
  14. Enable Parallelism according to your needs
  15. Enable compression (Exadata )



OBIEE Level:  

  1. Remove Snowflakes
  2. Avoid Circular join by using Aliases in Physical Layer
  3. Don’t add unnecessary column to data model
  4. Implement Cache Management
  5. Turn off logging
  6. Add connection pools
  7. Set query limits
  8. Push heavy load to database layer
  9. Limit number of initialization blocks
  10. Use Database hints