Introduction to Oracle Cloud Analytics

As you know Oracle analytics is getting immense attention being the market leader in providing the analytics value in cloud marketplace. This blog will provide you with a thorough and high yield review of vision and strategy behind Oracle analytics while focusing on autonomous analytics.

As in every other aspect of life analytics is very important in making informed decisions. With the invention of autonomous analytics including machine learning and artificial intelligence, decision making, and predictive ability has been greatly enriched. Autonomous analytics works by revealing hidden patterns and making actionable insights more accessible thus empowering everyone to use data to drive every process direct every interaction and inform every decision so that the proposed outcome is achieved.

In order to drive broad consumption, Oracle make it easy for everyone to interact with information so that you can engage, analyze, and act in a way that is natural—as in asking questions in plain language using either text or voice, searching for answers, and receiving insights as narration. Cut through information overload with relevant, personalized insights delivered proactively to you in the context that makes the most sense. This is where context is the main key as it provides access to the information that you need. Speed is another important factor. Oracle analytics cloud can autonomously query the data and give appropriate illustrations. The text summarizes salient points so that you can focus on what the data really means and filter out the dissonance that comes from different interpretations of a visualization. Natural language generation makes the analytic experience much more conversational.

To deliver deeper, more meaningful insights, Autonomous analytics can recommend what data to analyze, how it could be augmented, and what it really means. It can suggest key drivers and insights to guide analysis, and it can recommend the best way to interpret data and what actions to take as a result.