Intelligent Data Mapping through Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Have you ever wondered, how is your on premise applications will interact or integrate with your cloud applications? If yes then you should look into new Oracle Integration Cloud Service. I have seen many customers hesitant to move some of their applications to public cloud because they are tightly integrated with their other applications. With Oracle Integration Cloud Service you can develop integrations between your applications in the cloud and between applications in the cloud and on premises.

Integration partly require you to map data between different applications. For example, you can have Gender Code, and Country Code field exist in different applications. Even though they represent same data/values but they can be presented differently. E.g. Gender can be presented as M/F or Male/Female, Country Code can US or USA. To map these codes, you create cross-reference tables called Lookups that define and store mappings for this type of data for a set of applications. You can then look up the data within the tables in the data mappings. Data mapping is a complex task and will require in-depth application and data architectural knowledge. But with Oracle Integration Cloud service (Data Mapper) you can create those mapping without writing any code. You will be able to easily create / define data mapping from simple to complex transformation.




With Oracle Integration cloud Service, you can

  • Connect securely to applications and services in the cloud and on premises
  • Point and click to create integrations between your applications with a powerful browser-based visual designer—it even runs on your favorite tablet
  • Select from a growing list of integrations built by Oracle and Oracle partners
  • Monitor and manage your integrations
  • Manage errors